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GB Collection Hotels

  • What is the current status of COVID-19 in Cartagena?
    As of April 25, 2020, Colombia remains on national isolation until May 11. Cartagena has additional restrictions at a city level with restricted days for essential services based on ID and gender. Most businesses are expected to resume May 12 with the exception of airports. National flights may resume in May, but international not before June 1 at any airport. Bars, nightclubs, sporting events, concerts, etc also tentatively set for June 1 to re-open. The number of cases of COVID-19 reported in Cartagena remains relatively low with very slow progression. Health care systems are still ok, ICU's have not reached capacity.
  • Is Cartagena safe after COVID-19?
    Yes! During isolation, Cartagena has actually had a lower crime rate and been very peaceful. For the most part, citizens are compliant with isolation guidelines even though they are some of the strictest in the country. Overall, the situation has been handled very well and everyone is looking forward to a return to the new normal very soon.
  • Is the hotel open?
    We have temporarily closed all GB Collection properties during isolation to comply with government policies. As soon as permitted we will re-open.
  • What have you been doing during isolation?
    We have been living and working at the properties to take advantage of time for maintenance and updates. We also have some surprises in progress for your visit post-covid.
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